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We are a team of professionals to help you to maintain your bookkeeping and taxation work on time and at a reasonable price which help you to increase the productivity and profitability of the business.

Our experts keep you updated on every information you need for the maintenance and growth of your business.

Bookkeeping and Taxation Services in India

We will care for your business in every field by giving reliable and accurate knowledge of all types of taxation and accounting related matters.

In the following, we have explained our services, which help your business for hassle-free working.

    Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

    Our bookkeeping service helps you to maintain all of your business transactions on a daily basis. Our main focus is to increase the profitability of the business by giving quick service on every information you need.

    We maintain books of accounts in TALLY ERP-9 and TALLY Prime. So, it is easy for you to check the balance of every account on a daily basis.

    Along with transactions in Tally, we also provide services for maintenance of Cash book, Journal, Ledgers, Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statement, GST & Income Tax Records etc.


    Bank Reconciliation Statements

    Bank Reconciliation helps you to keep your bank account up-to-date and find the discrepancies in bank like

    • Cheques deposited but not credited in your bank account.
    • Cheques issued to customers but not withdrawn from the bank.
    • Excess / Unjustified bank charges charged by bank
    • Embezzlement of Cash
    • Proper management of bank balance for future needs (long terms and short terms)


    Accounts Receivable

    As a running business it is very difficult for every business to maintain the records for pending amounts from their customers.

    We provide all types of information for amounts receivable from customers along with interest (if charged) and delay days for payment.

    So, you can easily track the records of your customers.

    Proper maintenance of accounts receivable help you to maintain the funds requirement for business in future and reduce the losses due to interest paid on loan (if any).


    Accounts Payable

    Payment like Loan EMI’s, Premiums or payment to suppliers etc., we helps you to maintain these accounts and informs you to make payment before the due date, so you can arrange funds for payment in time.


    Expense Accounts

    Normally, every business spends money for regular expenses, but due to business responsibility and daily workload, they cannot maintain the record for every expense on a daily basis.

    So their cash flow from business goes out and their cash balance may reduce for covering major expenses.

    We help you by creating a budget every month for the regular expenses and inform the proprietor or authorized person to control the expense beyond budget.


    Payroll Services

    Every month businessmen need to prepare the salary statement for the employees and also keep the record for advances to employees.

    These types of works consume one day of the proprietors instead they can think for growth of the business.

    We help you to keep all the records of employees and their tax liability and also collect saving information from the employees to reduce tax liability.


    Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss A/c

    Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss accounts are the most important statements for every business to check the business growth, granting loan from bank, dealing with the supplier etc.

    We provide accurate information in the balance sheet & profit and loss a/c every month after all the necessity adjustment like.  Latest stocks price, outstanding expenses, bank reconciliations etc.

    As we use Tally ERP-9 for maintaining the records on a daily basis, you can check balance sheet & profit and loss a/c information on a daily, weekly basis as per your convenience.


    EPF / ESI Returns

    Some businesses whose employees are more than 20 are required to deduct EPF and ESI from its employees and deposit the amount along with employer share to the Govt.

    We prepare the payroll records for this type of business and maintain all the records for Salary/ EPF / ESI. These records help to file the EPF / ESI return to Govt. easily.


    Taxation Services

    Apart from bookkeeping services we also provide taxation services in India at a reasonable price. Our service includes:


    GST Registration

    For the new startup / business are required to register with GST if its turnover exceeds the threshold limit Rs.40 Lacs (Rs. 20 Lacs in some hill states).

    We help new startups to complete the process of registration as per the business need.


    GST Returns

    Every business who is registered for filing GST returns has to file return every monthly or quarterly.

    It is a very complicated task for the business to keep record day wise along with regular workload. If there are any changes in GST Rule, its information reaches very late to the businessmen.

    We update all the latest GST & Income Tax information on our website and also inform our client for any changes in rule applicable to them.

    Our main focus is to provide service to businessmen for operating stress free business.


    Income Tax Returns / TDS Returns

    We also help to file Income Tax and TDS returns for our clients. There are many transactions on which TDS need to be deducted by the client, but sometimes could not be deducted by them. It may be due to not knowing about which category needs to be deducted TDS etc.

    We take the full responsibility to check the transaction which needs to deducted TDS and inform in advance to our client.

    Normally every business requires deducting TDS on payment to contractor; rent payment etc. after the prescribed limit by the Income Tax department.

    Businesses also need to file an Income Tax Return every year. We file all types of Income Tax returns as per the business requirement and maintain all the necessary records for our client for future need.


    PAN/TAN Apply

    We also provide service to apply for a PAN (Permanent Account Number) for Individual and Business.

    Some businesses require applying a TAN Number for deducting TDS from its clients. We also help to apply for a TAN number for the business.

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