There are various policy plans for building funds for the future of girls and that can be used for marriage or study etc.

Many people are definitely looking for some good and safe investment plan which builds funds for girls' futures.

There are two name prevail in the market LIC Kanyadan policy (Plan / Table No - 833) and  LIC Jeevan Lakshya (Plan-933) for the same policy.

LIC has launched this plan on 01-02-2020 in the original name of LIC Jeevan Lakshya (933). This is a very good plan to build funds for girls' child.

Here is the complete plan details review about LIC Kanyadan policy no (Plan / Table No - 833) or Jeevan Lakshya (933):

    What are the features of LIC Kanyadan policy (Plan / Table No - 833) / Jeevan Lakshya policy no (933)?

    LIC Kanyadan Policy (833) / Jeevan Lakshya (933) details review

    • If the child’s father dies, all the premium will waive off and LIC will pay 10% of the sum assured every year to his family till one year before the date of maturity.
    • In this policy family will get rupees Rs.5 lacs immediately in case of death of an insured person equal to sum assured Rs.5 Lacs.
    • In case of death of an insured person by an accident then the family gets rupees Rs.10 lacs double to sum assured Rs.5 Lacs.
    • There are provisions to make a payment of premium according to your convenience like you can choose the payment period in daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.
    • New Term Assurance Rider, Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider also available with this policy.
    • You can even borrow against LIC kanyadan policy (833) / LIC jeevan lakshya (933) by pledging this policy as collateral, but the condition is that you must pay a premium for at least three consecutive years.
    • You would not get benefit of this policy if the suicide case happens within 12 months for the starting of this policy.


    What is the eligibility criteria of LIC Kanyadan Policy Yojana (Plan- 833)?

    • Period of policy : 13 to  25 years
    • Premium
      • You have to pay a premium for less than three year of the policy term. Eg. if you have taken policy for 22 years then you have to pay a premium for 19 years (22 years - 3 years = 19 years).
    • Sum assured:  Minimum rupees 1 lac and maximum no limit.
    • Lic kanyadan policy Age limit:
      • Child's father age:  Between 18 to 50 years
      • Child age: Minimum one year


    How to apply and what document required for LIC Kanyadan Yojna (833)?

    CLICK HERE  to get policy calculation Free PDF in detail to apply and know premium according to your choice.

    Documents which generally require include for LIC kanyadan policy no (833):

    • Aadhar card
    • Identity card
    • Policy form (filled)
    • Birth certificate of girl child
    • Income details
    • Cheque or demand draft of first premium.
    • Proof of residence
    • Passport size photo


    Additional informations for LIC kanyadan policy no (833)

    • You will get tax benefit under section 80c of Income Tax Act 1961 for a maximum of rupees 1.5 lacs.
    • You will also get the benefit of exemption of the amount received on maturity or death benefit.
    • After the payment of premium for at least three consecutive years, you can surrender the policy and the guaranteed surrender value will be paid in percentage of total paid premiums as per the policy terms.
    • A free look period of 15 day is allowed if you are not satisfied with the policy then you can return the policy within 15 days and the amount deposited will be refunded by LIC.



    LIC Kanyadan policy Yojana (Plan / Table No - 833) / Jeevan Lakshya (933) plan is a very beneficial savings fund for your child. You can get tax benefits from this policy under section 80c of income tax act.

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