SBI International Debit Card (Visa Paywave / Mastercard Paypass)

Time has gone when you need to carry cash for making purchases in the market. Now it's time for Contactless debit card i.e. "SBI International debit card (visa paywave / mastercard paypass cards)".

If you want to purchase something having a small or large amount, you can make payment through these debit cards without entering PIN.

Suppose, if you forget the debit card PIN and you don’t have readily cash available for payment at that point of time.

In such situations you might think, how good it was if payment was made without entering your debit card PIN.

So here is the solution, SBI provides such types of contactless debit cards which provide this facility.

The cards are “SBI International debit cards (SBI visa paywave / mastercard paypass)”.

Let us explain in detail:

    What is SBI International debit card (SBI visa paywave / mastercard paypass)?

    It is a smart contactless technology with an embedded antenna along with chip and magstripe which allow you to make payment without entering your pin code of debit card.

    It is the fastest way of making transactions. The major benefit of this card is that you can use this card in both ways i.e. contactless payment mode (without entering pin code) and standard payment mode (with entering pin code).

    So a card holder has the option to use this card in both ways. It really allows you to make payment in case you forget your debit card pin code. You have to note some conditions, which I explained in the following paragraphs.


    How does the SBI International debit card work?

    Here the following steps, you need to carry out for successful payment through SBI International debit card:

    Step 1

    First it is necessary to have a POS machine at your merchant’s place. You can make contactless payment using this card only if your merchant’s outlet has the system for that.

    Step 2

    You need to find out contactless payment logo on POS machine.

    Step 3

    Then the retailer / seller enter the bill details on the machine.

    Step 4

    You need to bring the card closer to the machine to scan.

    Step 5

    The machine will authenticate your payment transaction and show the green light which means your payment is made successfully and you will get the print out the receipt for the same transaction.


    How to apply for an SBI International debit card?

    Not only SBI, most of the other banks also start providing this facility by seeing its large demand and benefits.

    But currently you see only a few stores which give this option of payment. It will go on increasing in the near future as it has many benefits over the traditional debit cards.

    To apply for an SBI International debit card (SBI visa pay wave/ MasterCard paypass) you simply need to approach the nearby SBI branch and make an application for the same.


    What is the limit procedure for SBI International debit card?

    There are certain limit by your payment is strict to a certain amount like:

    • You need to enter pin code for payment of above rupees 2000 at a time. It means you can use this facility only upto rupees 2000. For above transactions you have to enter PIN code.
    • You cannot make contactless transactions of a total amount above rupees 10000 per day.
    • You can make maximum 5 contactless transactions during a day. For more than that you need to enter your pin code.

    So it provides benefits for both contactless modes as well as standard mode. It's your choice to make payment without entering pin code upto rupees 2000 or with entering pin code above rupees 2000 for payment.


    What are the benefits of SBI International debit card?

    This card carries various benefits over the traditional debit card which is as follow:

    • You need not to swipe your debit card for making payment; you just make payment by bringing your debit card closer to the POS machine. Which means during the payment procedure custody of the card is with you.
    • If suppose your card gets lost or stolen then no one can withdraw more than rupees 2000 at a point of time. In such a situation you must block your debit card at the earliest.
    • The payment process is fast and safe.
    • SBI International debit card provides certain freedom reward points which you can accumulate and get an excited gift by redeeming these points.
    • You can use this card for both contactless and standard payment mode.
    • You can even use a mobile app in case you do not have a debit card with you or forget to carry a debit card with you.


    What are the SBI International debit card charges?

    Every bank charged some amount for issuance and maintenance of visa paywave / MasterCard paypass. These charges may vary from bank to bank.

    The charges may include issues charges, annual maintenance charges, and card replacement charges etc. which are very nominal charges.

    These charges are also revised from time to time, so for this you need to consult your issuance branch for information regarding charges.



    SBI International debit card (visa paywave / mastercard paypass) is the smartest contactless technology which provides ease for many people. You can now make payment even if you don't remember your debit card pin code. It is very easy to use.

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