HDFC Millennia Credit Card Features & Fees –Review

HDFC Millennia Credit Card launched last year with many features for millennials.

It has many benefits like cash back 1% to 5% on offline and online transactions, waiver of renewal fees, reward points. It comes with contact less technology & its joining fees is Rs. 1000.

Here is the complete detail of HDFC Millennia Credit Card:

    HDFC Millennia Credit Card - Key features

    • Joining fees Rs.1000+GST
    • Welcome gift of 1000 reward points
    • Contact less technology
    • Cash back 1% to 5% on transactions online and offline.


    HDFC Millennia Credit Card - Fees & Charges


    Fees & Charges

    Joining Fees

    Rs.1000+GST as applicable

    (Waiver if you spent Rs.30000 in 90 days)

    Renewal Fees

    Rs.1000+GST as applicable

    (Waiver, if you spent Rs.100000 in a year)

    Cash withdrawal Fees



    HDFC Millennia Credit Card – Benefits

    Cash back benefits



    Minimum Purchase

    Offline / Wallet reloads

    1% or Rs.750 per month

    Rs. 100

    Online Purchase

    2.5% or Rs.750 per month

    Rs. 2000

    Smartbuy / Payzapp

    5% or Rs.750 per month

    Rs. 2000


    1% or Rs. 250 per month


    Contact less payment

    HDFC Millennia Credit Card comes with the contact less technology, Contact less technology means you do not need to enter PIN during offline purchase below Rs.2000 per transaction. Only you need to bring the card closer to the machine to scan.

    Travel benefits

    You can get airport lounge access for 8 visits per year by swipe the credit card with charges Rs.2 only per visit.


    You can get discounts at premium restaurants.


    HDFC Millennia Credit Card – Eligibility & Document Required


    Salaried Person


    Minimum age

    21 years

    Maximum age

    65 years

    Minimum Income

    Rs. 30000 per month

    Rs. 360000 per annum

    Document Required

    Proof of Identity

    Address Proof

    Income Proof (Salary Slip or Form 16)

    Proof of Identity

    Address Proof

    Income Proof (ITR)



    HDFC Millennia Credit Card is the best credit card for millennials. It comes with many benefits and its fees and charges are very low as compared to other credit cards.

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