There are many credit cards prevailing in the markets. Several banks provide cards and each card has its own benefits.

HDFC also provides credit cards with several benefits. One of such cards is HDFC times titanium credit card.

HDFC Times Titanium Credit Card Benefits - Review

Nowadays this credit card is going to be popular among the public at large as it not only provides the credit facility but in addition to this it also provides some entertainment benefits.


    What are the features of HDFC times titanium credit card?

    • This is popular to be known for entertainment card.
    • You can have a discount on movies booking and dining expenditure using this card.
    • You get 5 rewards points if you spend on dining from Monday to Friday.
    • No liability on credit card lost.

    Money other benefits like Welcome gift, Contactless payment, Fees waiver which are explained in detail in the following:


    What are the benefits of HDFC times titanium credit card?

    HDFC times titanium credit card benefits are as follows:

    Welcome gifts

    You will get the welcome gift in the form of vouchers in shopping, dining, hotels and movies etc.

    Movies and dining benefits

    HDFC time titanium credit card provides you various entertainment benefits in the form of discount in movies booking and dining spends.

    Reward Points

    You will get 5 rewards points if you spend from Monday to Friday on dining for rupees 150.

    You will get 2 points on every rupees 150 spent on all retail purchases.

    Points are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation and the transaction which are converted into a smart EMI plan that would not allow any reward point.

    No liability on credit card lost

    If you inform within 24 hours about the loss of card, then your liability will be NIL on any fraud transaction thereafter.

    Contactless transaction

    You can make contactless payments every day of amounts below rupees 2000 with this card.

    Fees waiver

    Annual fee is waived off on spending over rupees 1.50 lacs in a year.

    Insurance benefits

    If you take this card then you are insured up to rupees 50 lacs for accidental death.

    What are the Fees and Charges of HDFC times titanium credit card?

    Type of Fee and Charges

    Amount in Rupees

    Joining Fee

    Rs. 500

    Annual Fee

    Rs. 500

    Interest Free Period

    Up to 50 days

    Interest rate after free period

    3.49% per month

    Cash withdrawal fee

    2.5% or Minimum Rs. 500 whichever is higher

    Cash advance limit

    40% of the credit limit

    Cash processing fee

    Rs. 100

    Over Limit charges

    2.5% or Minimum Rs. 500 whichever is higher

    Reissue of lost stolen or damaged card

    Rs. 100

    Reward redemption fee

    Rs.99 per request

    Late Payment charges

    Less than Rs.100 – NIL

    Rs.100 to Rs. 500 – Rs. 100

    Rs.501 to Rs. 5000 – Rs. 500

    Rs.5001 to Rs. 10000 – Rs. 600

    Rs.10001 to Rs. 25000 – Rs. 800

    Rs.25001 to Rs. 50000 – Rs. 1100

    More than Rs. 50000 – Rs. 1300

    Foreign currency transaction fees


    Payment return charges

    2% or Minimum Rs. 500 whichever is higher


    What are the eligibility criteria of applying for an HDFC times titanium credit card?

    Here are the eligibility criteria:

    • Both salaried as well as self-employed can apply.
    • Age range
      • For salaried: 21 to 60 years
      • For self-employed: 21 to 65 years
    • Your credit history is also checked like Cibil Score.


    What are the documents required to apply for an HDFC times titanium credit card?

    Some of the common documents which required are:

    • PAN card of Applicant
    • All the KYC documents
    • Income tax returns or salary slip
    • Bank statements


    How to apply for an HDFC times titanium credit card?

    You can apply it offline or online. In online mode you can visit HDFC official website and there you have to apply.

    In offline mode, you can visit your bank branch for applying the credit card.



    HDFC times titanium credit card is one of the best for entertainment. It is very popular in public and there are many benefits on this card also. So, you can apply as per your requirement.

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