11 Major Causes of Failure in Life

Every person has to make decisions in life for financial growth, but sometimes they make unknowingly wrong decisions which lead to failure in life and future plans.

So, here we have explained the 11 major causes of failure in life, which require taking care in time.

    Lack of a well-defined purpose of life

    Ninety eight out of hundred have not well-defined purpose of life. This is the Major cause of Failure. If someone does not have a definite goal in life then how can they be financially wealthy.


    Insufficient Education

    Insufficient Education not means a person does not have high level of educational degree;

    It means a person does not have self-education or self-experience in life to handle the situation.

    Educational degree also needs to overcome competition. But one cannot ignore “Self Experience of life”, after applying the education knowledge.

    Education knowledge is not sufficient. The most important is how to apply education knowledge effectively and persistently in life.


    Lack of Self discipline

    One can gain self-discipline by self-control. It means control of all the negative qualities.

    One must be self-mastery to tackle the situations whatever may be. It can be possible when one controls himself.

    If you do not conquer self; you will be conquered by self.


    Ill Health

    Person with ill health cannot enjoy life in a good way. So health is the most important factor for becoming financially wealthy.

    Main cause of ill health like

    • Overeating of foods not conducive to health
    • Negative thought
    • Lack of physical exercise
    • Inadequacy of fresh air etc



    Procrastination means waiting for the opportunity for success in life. Most of us go through life as failures because we are waiting for “time to be right”.

    Time will never be right. We should start our work with whatever tools available right now and try to find the best tool in the future.


    Lack of Persistence

    Most of us start a business with great enthusiasm but after some months or years, we are prone to give up at the first signs of defeat.

    Persistence is very important to the success of every business. We should find the way to correct the mistake and go to the next level.


    Uncontrolled Desire for “Something for Nothing”

    Some people have a desire to become rich. But they do not make an effort to find the way to become rich and try the fast way to become rich like gambling.

    They do not control their desire and they do not know the fact that no one can be rich without hard work in life.


    Lack of a Well Defined Power of Decision

    People who succeed take decisions promptly and change them very slowly. And people, who fail, take decisions very slowly and change them frequently.

    If we take a decision very slowly then change it frequently then how we can reach the desired goal in life.

    So, we should make a correct decision promptly within a reasonable time with information available and do not delay it.

    If changes are required then find the correct reason why your old decision does not reach your desired goal and if needed then change it.


    Wrong Selection of a Vocation

    If someone does not like his current occupation then how can he succeed in that work. So, we should choose the occupation through ourselves wholeheartedly.


    Guessing Instead of Thinking

    Most people are too lazy to acquire Facts. They prefer to act on opinions created by guesswork.


    Lack of Capital

    It is a common cause of failure because people do not estimate the exact capital required to reach the desired goal.

    They start with a capital which is needed and do not keep the sufficient reserve for downfall in the business due to wrong decisions or whatever any reason may be.



    In the above 11 major causes of failure you should care about them as early for a happy life.

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