SBI Unnati Credit Card has been launched by SBI.

It is useful for those who do not want to carry cash and coins in pockets for small purchases as this card provides the facility of contactless and safe purchases.

This card also provides various rewards points, milestone rewards, waiver of annual fee for the first 4 years, fuel surcharges waiver and many more.

This card is accepted globally over 24 million outlets. It is a convenient SBI Credit Card as the application process is very simple and easy.

In the following we have given our review on features & benefits, limit and how to apply for SBI Unnati credit Card:


    What are the features of SBI Unnati credit Card? 

    SBI Unnati Credit Card (Benefits & Limit) – Review

    Global Acceptances

    You can use this SBI Unnati Credit Card across the globe. It has wider acceptance.

    You can use this card over 24 million outlets across the globe, out of which 325000 outlets in India.

    You can also withdraw cash from over 1 million visa or mastercard ATMs across the globe.


    Bill Payment Facility

    You can use the SBI Unnati Credit Card for the payment of bills like your electricity, telephone, mobile etc.

    You can use this card for making payment at any outlets provided they accept a visa or mastercard.

    In this way daily purchases will become easy with this card.


    Lien on Fixed Deposit

    SBI Unnati Credit Card will be issued against the fixed deposit. SBI will mark the lien on your FD and issue the credit card.

    So, you need to have an FD limit of Rs.25000 or more upon which SBI will mark lien of FD for the security purpose and issue you the credit card.


    Annual Fees

    Annual fees for SBI Unnati Credit Card is very low i.e. only Rs.499 annually (from 5th year onward). For the first 4 years there is no annual fee.


    Balance Transferring Facility

    In this card you will get the facility of balance transfer where you can transfer the outstanding balance of the Credit Card of another bank into SBI Unnati credit Card.

    After transferring the balance, your EMI will start with SBI Unnati Credit Card at a lower interest rate as per discussion with SBI.


    Flexi Pay EMI Facility

    If you have done a transaction of Rs.2500 or more with your SBI Unnati Credit Card then this card provides the facility to convert your transaction into monthly installments (EMI).

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    What are the benefits of SBI Unnati credit Card?


    Zero Renewal / Annual Fee

    You do not need to pay Annual or renewal fees for the first four years. After the four year completion, SBI charges renewal fee for Rs.499/- from fifth year onward.


    Reward Points

    If you make a purchase by using SBI Unnati Credit Card you will get great rewards points like on spending of every Rs.100 you will get 1 reward point which can be redeemed.

    Apart from this SBI Unnati Credit Card also provides milestone reward points like on annual spend of Rs.50000 or more you receive Rs.500 cash back within 15 days.


    Waive Fuel Surcharge

    For every fuel transaction between Rs.500 and Rs.3000 you get 1% fuel surcharge waive.

    But point to be noted is that you can get a maximum fuel surcharge waiver of Rs.100 per statement cycle per credit card.


    Add-on Card Facility

    SBI Unnati Credit Card also provides you the facility of Add-on Card where you can add-on card with your parents, spouse, children or siblings above the 18 years of age.

    Here one more benefit attached with Add-on cards is that there are no annual charges on Add-on Cards.



    SBI Unnati Credit Card is very convenient to use. This card provides a contactless facility. Now you need not carry cash in your pocket for small purchases.

    By using this SBI Unnati Credit Card you can make purchases fast and with safety also.

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    What are the Fees and Charges of SBI Unnati credit Card?

    Fees & Charges

    Amount in Rs.

    Annual Fee / Renewal Fee

    First 4 years

    5th year onwards



    Rs.499 annually

    Add-on Card Fee


    Interest Free Period

    20 to 50 days

    Cash Withdrawal at ATMs

    2.5% of transaction or Rs.500 whichever is higher

    Overdue Charges

    3.65% (43.8% per annum)

    Late payment charges

    Less than Rs.500 – NIL

    Rs.501 to Rs.1000 – Rs.400

    Rs.1001 to Rs.10000 – Rs.750

    Rs.10001 to Rs.25000 – Rs.950

    Rs.25001 to Rs.50000 – Rs.1100

    Above Rs.50000 – Rs.1300



    What are the eligibility criteria or limit for SBI Unnati credit Card?

    Before applying for this card you must know your eligibility limit for applying for this credit card.

    Following are some conditions you need to fulfill:

    • You must have a fixed deposit (FD) of Rs.25000 or more because SBI will mark the lien on FD and keep it as a security against SBI Unnati credit Card.
    • Anyone can apply whether he is salaried or self-employed.

    SBI provides Credit Cards after considering many factors, so you must have to reach the nearest SBI branch for your other eligibility factors.

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    How to apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card Online/Offline?

    For applying SBI Unnati Credit Card online you have to visit SBI official website and apply on it.


    You can also apply by reaching the nearest SBI Branch and providing the required document along with application.


    What are the documents required for applying for an SBI Unnati credit Card?

    Every bank may demand different documents but following are some common documents which are required for applying SBI Unnati credit Card:

    Proof of Identity :

    Anyone of the following:

    • Pan Card
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter ID
    • Passport etc.


    Proof of Address

    Anyone of the following:

    • Aadhaar Card
    • Passport
    • Bills etc.


    Proof of Income

    • Bank Statement
    • Salary Slip
    • ITR’s
    • Form 16 etc.



    SBI Unnati Credit Card is a convenient card for everyone. You can purchase anything by using this card.

    Now you need not carry cash for small transactions. Moreover, various benefits of this card make it attractive in the eyes of customers.

    You can use SBI Unnati Credit Card limit as per your requirement as your fixed deposit (FD) is lien with this credit card.

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