Key Features

SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards

  • These cards are launched by SBI for defence personnel.
  • Defence personal can use these cards for CSD (Canteen Store Department),
  • It can also be used for Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores, Grocery and many more.
  • These cards can be embossed with Air force, Army, Navy and Paramilitary’s insignia.
  • SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards also provides accidental insurance packages.
  • Its fees and charges are very low for defense personnel.

In the following paragraphs, we have explained the complete details for both the cards, which can help you to select the card as per your requirement.


    What are the benefits of SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards?

    SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards – Review

    SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards are launched by SBI especially for defense personnel. Both the cards have its own features and benefits which are explained here:


    SBI Shaurya Credit Card - Benefits

    • It has worldwide acceptance.
    • It has very low fees and charges.
      • Joining fees (one-time fee) – Rs. 250
      • Renewal fees (annual Fees) – Rs. 250 annually
    • If you paid 1st year joining fees for Rs. 250 you will get 1000 rewards points as a welcome gift from SBI.(Applicable only for card issued on or after 1-5-2021).
    • Your renewal fees of Rs. 250 can also get waived if you spent Rs.50000 or more in a year.
    • You can also get various reward points if you use SBI Shaurya Credit Card i.e.
      • On every spend of Rs.100 on CSD (Canteen stores department), Dining, Movies, Department Stores and Grocery. You can get 5 rewards points.
      • On every spend of Rs.100 on all other categories (excluding above) you can earn 1 reward point.
      • Here 1 Reward point = Rs. 0.25
      • You can redeem these rewards points for exciting gifts or can pay your outstanding due of credit card with these rewards points.
    • You will also get 1 % fuel surcharge waiver upon transaction of fuel purchase between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000, but maximum waiver can only be Rs. 250 per month (statement cycle).
    • Additionally you will get personal accidental insurance cover of Rs. 2 Lakhs.
    • You can also get an add-on card for your family member i.e. parent, spouse, children or siblings (above 18 years of age). There are no add-on charges for additional cards.
    • You can use this card for daily transactions and bill payment like electricity, mobile bill etc.
    • This credit card also provides the facility of balance transfer where you can transfer outstanding balances of other credit cards into SBI Shaurya Credit Card and pay the EMI on lower interest rate.
    • You can also convert your transaction of Rs.2500 or more into flexipay, where you can pay the amount in monthly installments. You need to pay interest to convert the transaction into EMI.


    SBI Shaurya Select Credit Card - Benefits

    • It is a globally accepted credit card.
    • There is no joining fee for this card.
    • An annual fee (Renewal fees) is Rs.1499.
    • If you spent Rs.1.5 Lakhs or more in a year, your renewal fees will get waived.
    • You will get 1500 reward points on payment of renewal fees.
    • As compared to SBI Shaurya Credit Card, this card has more reward points benefits i.e..
      • You can get 10 rewards points on every spent of Rs.100 on CSD (Canteen Stores Departments), Movies, Dining, Department Stores and grocery.
      • On every spending of Rs.100 on all other categories you will earn 2 rewards points.
      • 1 Reward Point = Rs. 0.25
    • This card also provides some additional rewards in the form of milestone rewards i.e.
      • On spent Rs. 50000 or more in a quarter and you can get Pizza Hut e-voucher of Rs. 500.
      • From Yatra or Pantaloons, you will get an e-gift voucher or Rs.7000 if you spend Rs.5 Lakhs or more in a year.
    • Personal Accidental Insurance cover of Rs. 10 Lakh and fraud liability cover of Rs. 1 Lakh.
    • Upon fuel purchase between Rs.500 to Rs. 4000 you will get 1% fuel surcharge waiver, but maximum waiver is Rs.250 per statement cycle.
    • Add-on Card facility is also available for parent, spouse, children or sibling above the age of 18 years without any Add-on card charges.
    • SBI Shaurya Select Credit Card can be used for utility bill payment (electricity, mobile etc.).
    • You can also transfer your other bank credit card outstanding balance to SBI Shaurya Select Credit Card with a low rate of interest.
    • You can also convert your purchase above Rs. 2500 into EMI and pay the amount in installments. But you have to pay the interest to convert into EMI.

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    What are the fees and charges of SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards?

    Fees & Charges


    SBI Shaurya

    SBI Shaurya Select

    Joining Fees (One-time)

    Rs. 250


    Renewal Fee (Annual Fee)

    RS. 250

    Rs. 1499

    Add-on Card Fees




    What is the eligibility & document required for applying for SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards?

    SBI provides credit cards after checking various factors including your income, age and credit score. Your age must be between 21 to 65 years to apply for this card.

    You are also required submitting certain documents for applying for this card.

    Following are some common documents which are required:

    Identity Proof

    PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving Licence etc. (Any one)

    Address Proof

    Aadhar card, Driving Licence, Passport, Utility Bill, Ration card etc. (Any one)

    Income Proof

    ITR, Form 16, Salary slips, Bank statements etc. (as per demanded by bank)

    Branch may also demand additional documents if they are required.

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    How to apply for SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards?

    You can apply for SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards online as well as offline. If you want to apply online then you have to  visit SBI official website and apply there.

    Otherwise you can also visit your nearest SBI branch. SBI representatives will check your eligibility and complete documentation.



    SBI (Shaurya / Shaurya Select) Credit Cards launched especially for defense personnel for daily usage. This card is also embossed with Air force, Army, Navy and Paramilitary’s insignia which attract the defense personnel.

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